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You wish to acquire one of our unique pieces made from recycled textiles, you can choose from our product catalog.


All our products have been designed, prototyped, and produced in-house in our workshops.


If you are a textile and clothing professional, we offer you to make these pieces directly from your materials (garment scraps, clothing with defects or prototypes) and offer you a 5% discount on the total amount of your order. Please note, we do not recycle unsold items or other new products !



This lamp is made of our recycled textile bricks, we can adapt the color to your needs.

from 490 € ht



This stool is structured with our recycled textile bricks.

The choice of color the bricks and the wood species can be tailored made depending of you wishes.

from 290 € ht



This product exists in different shapes, and can be used as store a display for instance.

The color can be tailored made to your wishes or depend of your waste.

from 35 € ht



This table will have the color of your choice can be used to decorate interiors, offices, showrooms.

from 590 € ht



This partition acoustic wall was designed to separate co-working spaces. from one side you a velleda board, and the other our bricks.

from 2900 € ht